lifestyle design 101?

I know that I didn't invent the concept of designing a life, but apparently I've also been living under a rock and totally missed the whole FHWW (Four Hour Work Week) movement coined by Tim Ferriss. This guy sounds pretty intense, a 30-year old Princeton grad who lives the life of an action figure.

Before I get all judgey or envious, I'll read his book and see what I can learn. He advocates a basic (albeit not easy) formula to work less, earn what you need and live fully. The keys apparently include creating a passive income stream, outsourcing time-consuming life tasks, mini-retirements throughout life, and knowing the difference between absolute vs. relative income.

Since turning 45 this past January, I keep thinking about how "someday" is now. Someday I'll study art, someday I'll spend more time with my nieces, someday I'll live overseas. That would be now, Kel - or at least put wheels in motion. Digging out from the rubble of my 30's has been my first priority in recent years. The smoke has cleared. Life is stable. I feel that I am living my life in a conscious, fully-engaged way. I'm not on auto-pilot. But the occasional kick in the pants that ruts, complacency and deferred living are easy for me to slip back into is a good thing.

I am curious about the details behind Tim's concepts - do they work for non-action figures too?