mailART for June

Last month when I said that rejection wasn't a buzz-kill? I lied. It totally derailed me. I fell hard, and wallowed in self-doubt and criticism despite my pep talk via blog post. And then, thanks to some clear messages from my post-op knee, I realized this "turning on myself" was contraindicated for my health. So I dropped the harshness.

Feels like I'm back on track, doing the basics: morning pages, PT, client work ramping up. Most importantly, I'm getting my hands on my art, daily. This feels crucial to my sanity, frankly. I also pulled out books from my touchstones and guides: Julia Cameron, Natalie Goldberg, Anne Lamott. These women have lived the artist's life far longer than I and their advice feels like it's written specifically for me right now.

June's mailART exchange with my friend Elizabeth reflects a lot of this, although we didn't plan it. That seems to be the thing with collage and our wavelength across the miles these days.

Elizabeth to Kelly June 2010, frontElizabeth to Kelly June 2010, back

Kelly to Elizabeth June 2010, frontKelly to Elizabeth June 2010, back