channeling warhol

I've been working with screenprinter Marty Ittner at Pyramid Atlantic to help me create portfolio covers for my friend Jim Vecchione, who shoots all of my work. My idea is to use Jim's images in a Warhol-esque way as art screenprinted onto bookcloth, which I'll use to make his portfolios. I think it's going to be really cool, even if the testing, trial and error is taking way longer than I anticipated.

Last night's tests revealed vast differences in how a grayscale image responded on various types and colors of bookcloth. A few surprises, no real winner yet, but more direction for next week's testing. It looks like simpler is better, eliminating some variables (e.g., black and white threshold images, no grayscale). Apparently Warhol did that, sticking with solid blocks of ink and color. So far, Marty and I are using black ink only, letting the bookcloth be the color.

Poor Jim - he's been so patient while I learn and experiment. Thanks for your patience - I think it'll be worth it!