Moving Parts, Kelly O'Brien (2009)

What happens when visual and performing artists partner to create new art? Moving Parts! You've never seen "books" like these before, each inspired by CityDance Ensemble's performance season. Ten different artists have contributed their response to this dynamic dance company's 2008-2009 body of work, each contributing a hand-crafted edition of 50 artist books to the collection.

Included with the boxed collector's set is ten miniature artist books, a companion booklet with essays and statements by the artists, a DVD of a documentary about the project by CityDance FilmWorks, all housed in a beautiful custom clam shell box. The resulting behind-the-scenes glimpse and its beautiful results tell the story of how a unique arts collaboration changes the way we think of books and reveals the power of dance to move.

Below are shots of my piece for the collection, myTurningPointe, an accordion book that converts to a life-sized tutu. Layers of tulle reveal thoughts on life and dance, based on mining 15 years of personal journals.