Chris Kircher

New Catalog: Everything is Fine With Betsy

For the past two years, I've had the pleasure of a growing collaboration and friendship with German artists Claudia Grom, Chris Kircher and Katja v. Ruville. We had our first joint exhibition in 2014, another last summer, and our next one will be in April this year.

To mark this journey together, we have created our first exhibition catalog. Beautifully designed by Katja—an award-winning book designer for leading German publishers—the hard-bound, 210-page, bilingual catalog will be released at our Vernissage on April 22.

The catalog features images from all of our exhibitions, including a preview of the work being shown in April. We are delighted to have two essays written for us by Professor Vroni Schwegler and Merja Herzon-Hellstén. And there are plenty of behind-the-scenes images and information about how the work and our collaboration has evolved.

The catalog is available now to pre-order for €25 ($28), and you can purchase it online here. For Frankfurt locals, you can pick it up at grassgrün in April if you want. For everyone else, we can arrange for shipping.

EXTENDED: "the artist is not present" at Galerie Uhn through Sept. 9

Left to right: Claudia Grom,  Man in the Moon ; Kelly O'Brien,  You're New Around Here, Aren't You? ; Chris Kircher,  Mädchenkopf ; Katja v. Ruville,  lunaria

Left to right: Claudia Grom, Man in the Moon; Kelly O'Brien, You're New Around Here, Aren't You?; Chris Kircher, Mädchenkopf; Katja v. Ruville, lunaria

I am delighted to announce that our small group exhibition, the artist is not present, has been extended at Galerie Uhn through September 9th.

A dear friend who lives in Königstein recently send me a snapshot looking through the gallery window at my piece, Village Committee. She and her daughter were passing by. They didn't realize that Galerie Uhn had relocated to its new location, and the painting caught her daughter's eye, causing her to retrace their steps to take a closer look. What I love best is that they're reflected in the image too.

Florentine and Louisette Winkel at Galerie Uhn. Image credit: Louisette Winkel

Florentine and Louisette Winkel at Galerie Uhn. Image credit: Louisette Winkel

Galerie Uhn's owner, Jimin Leyrer, recently had this to say about our show:

"The response to this exhibition has been very strong. Each artist's work has garnered specific and thoughtful praise. Together, it makes a particularly strong show. I am so proud of each of them and hope that we get a lot of visitors in the remaining time that the exhibition is open."

Galerie Uhn opening hours are Tuesday through Friday, 12:00 - 17:00, Saturday 10:00 - 13:00 and by appointment | Hauptstraße 34, 61462 Königstein | Tel: 06174-221750

The Artists Were Present at Galerie Uhn

The artists were all present at Friday's Galerie Uhn Vernissage for the artist is not present, along with a fine gathering of friends, collectors, and Königstein locals.

The exhibition features an installation of Lichtobjekte by Katja v. Ruville, scrapmetal sculpture by Chris Kircher, videos and an installation by Claudia Grom, and overpainted photographs by Kelly O'Brien.

Presence took some effort. Kelly drove from her home near Bath, England to deliver new work and help install the exhibition during the week. Claudia navigated a six-hour time zone difference from her current location in Bali, not only to direct the installation of her work, but to participate by Skype in the Vernissage.

Many thanks to everyone who came out to the Taunus for the event! We are especially grateful to Frau Jimin Leyrer of Galerie Uhn for mounting our exhibition and hosting the event. Special thanks to Pat Roth for the photographs.

Our work is available at the gallery until August 28th. Opening hours are Tuesday through Friday, 12:00 - 17:00 and Saturday 10:00 - 13:00. Galerie Uhn is closed for summer holiday July 31 - August 15.

We invite your presence! Please stop in, bring a friend, and enjoy a cup of green tea while you browse.