artprize: a great funding start & flowers made in france

It's been a productive week, and we even hosted a house guest in the mix. My dear French host-sister, Hélène Lorblanchet, was here from Montpellier. We've been "family" since my Junior Year Abroad, a long time ago. Very lucky for me, she seems to love making paper flowers!

Not only did she make enough this week to cover my dancer's costume bodice, but she returned home with materials to continue flower production for my next project, A House With Four Rooms, in November. It means a lot to me that she's involved in these projects, and "Handmade in France" has a lovely ring to it.

"Shades of Gray" (in progress) by Kelly O'Brien for ArtPrize 2012

My ArtPrize funding campaign launched this week, as well. We're off to a great start! At 17% of the way in, the campaign is 46% funded. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your generous donations to Ian Lowe, Stacey Cohen, Leon Lowe, Kieu Lam, Gretchen Schermerhorn, Jose Dominguez, Louisette Winkel, Jennifer McQuistion, and Anonymous. Your funds mean that I can now cover my overseas shipping.

There is much more to cover, however. Even if I hit my $3,000 funding goal, I am still carrying a lot of the cost myself. If you are in a position to contribute (and want some art in exchange), please do. And if you can help spread the word through your contacts, newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, or mailing list, all the better.

ArtPrize details:

Shades of Gray at ArtPrize©, Grand Rapids, MI, USA. September 19 – October 7, 2012.

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march madness

Come buy real art at an affordable price to support a good cause! Target Gallery and the March of Dimes are teaming up to raise money for both organizations through March Madness, an exhibit of DC-area and regional artists. The gallery walls will be covered in 10x10 inch pieces of art created specifically for the cause.

The madness sets in at an art party on Friday, March 25 at 7 to 11 pm. Snap up one or several of the 200+ pieces of art and you could be a lucky winner...many of the 10x10 panels will be loaded with valuable prizes on the back from local businesses. Groove to the tunes of DJ Stylo and sip refreshments from Old Dominion Brewing Company while you shop.

Hope to see you there! I've got a new piece, Uprooted, in the show. Get full details and Art Party ticket information here.