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Call for Objects | Porthleven Community

  • Porthleven Lifeboat Art Studios Celtic House, Harbour Head Porthleven, TR13 9JY UK (map)

As part of the Porthleven Prize Residency in the town of Porthleven, Cornwall, UK, I am investigating themes of home, memory, belonging and loss.

The Cherished Objects Project is a social art project that engages members of a specific community in creating an artwork. During this residency, I am collecting small objects that represent the experience of loss from members of the Porthleven community (residents and visitors) during the time I am there. The objects will be used to create an art installation in two exhibitions, one in Porthleven and one at Bath Spa University in Bath.

Loss means different things to different people. It can be related to a person, a place, an opportunity lost or not taken, a job, a pet, and so on. I invite you to consider how loss has shown up in your life and to select an object that you are willing to loan to be part of this project. Possibilities include a personal belonging of a loved one, a photograph, a pet's collar, a seashell, keys, a rejection letter, a toy, etc. All objects will be accepted with gratitude. The objects will be used to create an art installation.


:: Contribute something that represents the experience of loss or a loss to you.

:: Your object should be no larger than approximately 30 cm (12 in) in any one dimension, relatively light (1 kg or less), and transportable.

:: Please do not make your own artwork.

:: Your object will be on loan for the duration of the project. You will be able to retrieve it at the locations and dates specified once you participate. They will be in Porthleven, or otherwise arranged if you are not a resident.

:: I will treat your object with the utmost respect and reverence. It will be my honor and privilege to use it in my installation. I will decide how objects are used and you are trusting my method of presentation.

DELIVERY OPTIONS (by 11th May 2018)

:: contact me directly to come collect your object from you while I am in Porthleven during the residency, 30 April - 11 May 2018

:: bring it to the Porthleven Lifeboat Art Studio by 12PM on 11 May 2018

:: drop it in a Cherished Objects Collection Box at (locations in town?)

By participating in this project, you are agreeing to allow your object to be used in my research, publicly exhibited, and photographed. Please complete and include this permission form when you donate your object.

If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.