Playing With Fire is an ongoing series of burned paper wall panels and bas-relief sculptures. To date, the work has been placed in collections such as Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Hilton, Marriott, Emaar Hospitality Group, and Norwegian Cruise Lines.

The series explores the parallels between the creative process and what happens when fire meets paper. I'm interested in the tension between control vs. letting go, and where true creativity happens.

Each piece is completely unique, since the primary technique involves burning fine art paper with a blowtorch and branding iron. It's amazing the range of effects you can achieve by burning paper, from lightly toasted to completely scorched, from delicate thin lines to dramatic dark filigree edges.

For a complete inventory of available work, please see my online inventory.

To commission a piece, please contact me directly. I work closely with art consultants and interior designers worldwide, along with a team of excellent framers and fine art shippers as needed.